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How Does the Pest-Heat System Work?

The Pest-Heat treatment process delivers controlled, evenly distributed heat throughout a structure for several hours (with high volumes of air movement) while recording and monitoring temperatures. During a typical heat treatment process, internal temperatures are slowly raised in the space to a target temperature of 120°F to 138°F and then held for several hours. Achieving this temperature in the cracks, crevices, and hard-to-reach places is necessary for the heat to effectively penetrate and kill the entire life cycle of bed bugs, from eggs to adults. Adults are killed at 110 degrees and larvae at 120 degrees ⁠— and our Terminator Electrical Heating Machine is preset at 138 degrees. So, after you achieve the kill temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit sustain that temperature for 3 hours and all adult bed bugs and larvae (eggs) die.

Save Your Furniture

When chemical bed bug companies perform extermination, they suggest you get rid of all of couches or beds where there was an infestation. But with our heat treatment, you can keep all your mattresses and furniture afterward. That savings alone will pay for your equipment rental!


Do not allow anyone to use propane heaters in your business or residence. They involve many dangers ⁠— they cause fires, release carbon monoxide poisoning, melt blinds and accessories, and may even damage the wiring in your home. However, our machines are electrical UL-approved devices, odor, and chemical-free, and run off the electricity in your own home or facility.


American Bed Bug Equipment assumes no responsibility for any damages allegedly caused by heat to the building, equipment, personal property, of our clients. If you are uncertain about heat limitations, consult your manufacturers or simply remove objects from the area being treated. American Bed Bug Equipment will not offer refunds for your inability to operate the equipment or insufficient electricity to support the equipment.