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Have you been haunted by the scourge of bed bugs? If you are looking for a simple solution to this problem, rest easy knowing that your search is over! For all of your bed bug eradication needs, turn to us at American Bed Bug. Our mission is simple ⁠— to stop the invasion of bed bugs in America.

With our bed bug removal equipment, you can say goodbye to bed bugs forever! Using state-of-the-art tools, we identify your issues easily and effectively, giving you the knowledge you need to use our equipment. And if you can operate a vacuum cleaner you can use our bed bug eradicator heater equipment!

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Note: We are an equipment rental company, not an exterminator company. However, if you feel we are not a match for you, we will gladly recommend reputable exterminating companies in your area where possible.

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 As a leading provider of BED BUG HEATER equipment and chemicals, we take pride in offering the best service and supplies at affordable prices. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. Contact us in San Bernardino, CA today for more information, and make your hotel, house, or facility healthier and bed bug-free!  .

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